Introducing Me! (not by Nick Jonas)

Hi there,

My name is My-Linh, currently a student in college, and I’m just trying to live life! I decided to make a blog because I would like a place to store memories, serve as an outlet, and allow me to pretty much share whatever it is that I want to share!

If I could describe what this blog will be about, I would probably say that it will start out as more of a beginner blog and will have stories about my day and so on. As I get better, I hope to incorporate more things that I enjoy doing. Eventually, I hope to utilize this blog as a place to keep my cooking recipes, beauty looks, outfits that I like to wear, and so on.

Through using WordPress and kind of just putting myself out there for the world, I hope to meet others who share the same interests and goals as I do; as well as gather inspiration from people in the community. I also hope that through doing this, I am able to be a little bit more open in regards of sharing things about myself and just be a little bit more carefree. What better way to do that than to just start with the internet, right? (I know, I rip the bandage right off.)

As for right now, I hope you understand that I will do the best that I can with keeping up with this blog between working, school, and devoting a fair amount of time to my parents. (I will probably talk specifically about my parents and why saying that is relevant a little later on.)  As I continue to blog, I will make sure to make this blog look more appealing, I promise!

Anyhow, thank you so much for stopping by!

– My-Linh 🙂